Friday, December 5, 2014

Should You Eat After 6 P.M.? Or It’s Just Another B.S.?

Yeah you got it right! Its totally another B.S.! None of this “diets” work. You have to understand that your body reacts to what food you take, when you take and what amount of food you take. So not eating isn’t best choice.

If you would re-search you would find that people who didn’t eat properly and when I say properly - I mean same amount of food, at the same time, they lost a lot of weight, but just for short term. After they lost lots of weight they started to get back to normal diet and what them? They gain so much weight, to be honest some people gained 2x more weight then they was, most of the time people get back to they’re previous weight and few pounds more. Why?

Remember I told that our body reacts to our actions?
People who stopped eating started to get the what I like to call it “Old Lady” syndrome. Old lady it’s just my term for what I will explain in this article. You see when people stop eating, they thing they will lose weight fast and that’s it. Well yeah they lose weight, because our body don’t have any food so he need energy to survive and he starts to break fat cells to provide organs with energy to stay alive. That way people starts to really get fast results and they think that’s it, we can go back to normal diet and when I will gain too much weight I again will starve to burn those fats. Our body isn’t dumb he sees that he doesn’t get food and he starts to store every little food intake that he can, because he don’t know when another wave of starving can come. So when people lose weight fast they start to think its the best diet, it’s easy and then they start to eat what they want because hey-ho they will use this starving diet again to lose weight if he or she will gain weight again. So when you start to eat normal our body starts to store everything in fact our body becomes warehouse of fats and energy. Even if you would take healthy food our body would still use it for later saving and most of fat people love not healthy food so imagine how much unhealthy food can provide with fat cells? That’s why people with this diet lose weight fast, but gains weight back more faster.

So coming back to our topic here, should you eat after 6 P.M. Or not? Well the answer is obvious. This is just a myth and if you go to bed like I do 4 A.M. So I would be starving for 10hours? That would lead to old lady syndrome 100% guarantee. But if you go to bed 8 P.M. Then you can use this technique. And one more thing - if you go for example 10 P.M. How many people do, then you can have your last meal 8 P.M. You will have 2 hours to use that energy that you got from food and you will be safe against old lady syndrome.

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