Saturday, October 18, 2014

Scientific Weight Loss Tips

All people want to lose weight and be healthy, but with all this weight loss supplements, pills and etc, what science have to say about it?

Lets start with the most obvious one. People need to exercise to burn fat, but most of people thing that they are burning fat only in the gym, running or doing any activity. That’s not true, newest science has revealed that after intensive physical activity, your body are burning fat all day long. You see when people exercise, they burn a lot of there energy and when you are on diet, you’re body doesn’t get enough energy from food, so they take energy from your warehouse - fats. Our body breaks down fat cells and releases energy when we walk, when we talk, when we watch TV or even when we sleep.

Do not ever skip meals. When you are skipping meals your body starts to starve and then your body starts demanding high calorie food and most times he will get it, lets face it. Now Breakfast really helps out your body to lose fat fast. Why? Because breakfast keep our blood sugar and hormone levels at normal status also breakfast gives metabolism a boost to burn more and more fat cells through the day.

Your really should add more protein to your diet, because protein helps to release a large amount of chemical called PYY, this chemical goes to our brain and suppresses our hunger signal. Just adding 10% to your diet more protein will let you feel much, much, much full and you wont want to eat for longer, the best protein sources are white meat and dairy, but make sure its low fat dairy. Low fat dairy contains calcium which binds to even another fatty beaten and makes a suplex substance which can’t be absorbed at all. Instead our body will excrete the soup and you will consume less fat.

Well speaking of soup’s that’s another secrets that kept in secret and still some people doesn’t know it. When you eat food and drink some fluid for example water, you will feel full for hour or less and then you will feel hungry again, why? Because fluids are absorbed faster, to be honest way, way, way faster then food, so your stomach will digest first fluid and only later will start working on your meals. The secret here is get your meal and fluid to blender and mix it up, that way your stomach will have harder time digesting it and you will feel full for longer time then simply eating meal and drinking it with water.

Always count your calories, because studies shows that people who counts they calories every day, get better results. When you count your calories you can see the difference between 10calories of coffee cup and 100 calories of the same size cappuccino cup, this will help you make better choices and structure better diet. Also reduce your place size, studies showed that people who reduced there plates from 13 to 11 inches can reduce the food amount you will eat up to 25%. Our body has big problem when we see left in plate food, we still eat it, even if we are full, so the less food on your plate - the better.

Lastly, sleep and stress plays a big role in our weight loss, if we want to lose weight steadily try to get at least 8hours of sleep and make sure you are not stressing too much in your life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

4 Simple & Fun Fitness Tips

This is simple things that will help you join in on the fun of exercise. It can be fun. But here are some things you need to know.

1. Take your time.
Go slow, skip stuff, fast-forward through the workouts, go for a walk instead of go for a run. Whatever you need to do, don’t be afraid to go at your pace, your speed, whatever you need. Focus on you and nobody else. And trust me, you’ll start to enjoy it.

2. You gotta be consistent.
Just like breathing or eating or brushing your teeth, it’s gotta happen often. 5-7 days a week - MWAH! Perfect. Get a calendar. Start making X’s on the days you work out. You get 20-22 X’s at the end of the month, you are killing it! That’s it, simple.

3. Add variety.
Do the pilates, do the yoga, do the weight-training, do the capoeira, do the crazy... Swing dance, whatever you wanna do! Mix it up, make it fun. The more you mix it up, the faster the results.

4. Push yourself!
This one’s a little bit scary, but don’t be afraid. Notice that you’re improving over tine. Don’t do it the same way on day 1 as you do day 60. Do more reps. Add more weight. Walk a little bit further. Whatever it is. Just make sure that over the course of time, you’re getting better.