Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Supplements? You Don't Need Them. Really!

Hey guys, so today I got an interesting question about supplements. Some people are thinking that supplements are everything that they need(I was one of those guys on my early days). I was buying lots of new supplements that comes out and promise sky, but non of them was working for me and I was thinking that I have some problems in me or something that the same supplements work for other people, but not for me. But there was a secret, that I didn’t knew and most of people that I meet till don’t understand this or maybe I should say don’t know this.

You see those fitness models that are cut as hell they are getting paid to advertise on fitness magazines with supplements companies, but the interesting thing is that those fitness models was already cut. Now here’s the trick, they don’t use any of those supplements to get cut, slim, fit or build muscle. Well because we are here to lose some weight I will focus more on weight loss topic. So as I said they don’t use any of this supplements and also you don’t have to use them in order to look like them. If you really want to look like they do, do you know what you need to do? Diet, diet, diet and workout hard as hell. You see supplements are just supplements they don’t give you unfair advantages as many people think. Supplements only can help you from 10-20% and thats it no more and I’m talking about natural supplements and not about some steroids, who can give you 100% results or maybe more, but using steroids won’t help you in long run. Yes they will help you in short time to get really great results, but at the end of the day, you will have more health problems then you fink people can have. So back to the topic. If you want to look like those fitness models you need to have good diet.

We already had big article on diet topic, but I want to mention few things if you missed them or maybe forgot.

1. You need to eat at least 1g of protein per 1kg of your body weight to not burn muscle while you are in the gym, because when you are burning fats you also are burning muscles and for our body its more easier to burn muscle then fats, because it provides more energy. So in order to not burn your muscles you need to eat a lot of protein at least 1g per 1kg of your body weight, best option would be 2g per 1kg of your body weight.

2. Check out how much calories you need at calorie calculator. You can find one by searching in bing search engine, just wrote something like “calorie calculator” and you will find one. When you will enter all information that it needs, you will see results how much calories you need to lose weight. Make your diet as much as possible to those calorie numbers.

3. Don’t eat junk food. Yes you need carbohydrates, to run your body but carbs from not healthy food will only help you gain more weight instead of loosing. So make sure you eat only healthy carbs. You can eat pasta, rice, brown potatoes to get those carbohydrates that you’re body need.

4. Eat 6 times per day and at the same time. Why? Our body acts like old woman who stores everything if she thinks she will need it later on. Eating 1-3 times per day at different time will start telling your body, that he doesn’t get food often and he will be confused if he will get more food another day or maybe the next day after tomorrow, so he starts to store every nutrition and that’s when real weight gain kicks-in. You should split your 1-3 meals per day to 6 meals, that way you will eat same amount of calories, but you’re body won’t store carbs, fats. When he understand that he will get fed every day at same time, he will be using all nutrition from food, to increase your energy level, productivity of the day and our body won’t store anything, so by doing this you already will be losing some weight if you have your calories to point where you can lose weight.

5. And last step are working out. When you will have your diet in place you won’t be getting more fat cells, in fact you will be losing them slowly, but you need to get results fast yeah? So what is the best way to burn fasts? Go and workout! Workout hard! Working out hard will help you burn your fats, speed up your metabolism. The most important thing what people miss is - not only in the gym you burn fats, but also after it! Your body will feel tired, exhausted so he will need to recover hes energy level. To recover from hard work he will be breaking down fat cells when you will be talking, watching TV or even sleeping.

So going back to topic, when you will have your diet and workout plan set up, then you can use supplements like fat burners, to help you get to your goal faster. Keep in mind it will help you only about 10-20%, but they can’t help you in anyway if you will use them without diet and working out. You need to get your diet and workout plan in first to get maximum benefit of fat burners also known as weight loss supplements.

Hope you enjoyed this article and will help you understand better about supplements, don’t listen to those big companies who sells supplements, because they don’t want you to know this stuff, to sell more supplements and make more cash.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

3 Facts That Will Help You Get Slim

There are a lots of talking going on how to lose weight, but do you really know how to lose weight easier? I bet you hear a lot of stuff that loosing weight is hard and when I hear stuff like that it looks like its impossible to lose weight. Well mostly people talk like this, because they don’t know what they are saying or maybe they just want to sell you some supplements and make money, rather saying the truth about how to lose weight fast and easily. Now in this article I will share 3 most important things in order to lose weight. Seriously if you won’t cheat on yourself and you will be following this simple steps you will lose weight. I’m not promising that you will burn 20lbs in one week or few days like other people say, because that’s really impossible and probably not good for your health to follow such “advice’s”. But if you will be following this steps you will lose weight as fast as your body can and you will feel better, you will have more energy, you will be more happier and that’s what really matter - to be happy in your own body.

Now lets go to those 3 steps. P.s. Don’t over-complicate everything, just make it simple. Some people are over-complicating things and at the end of the day they don’t do it, because it looks hard, when it’s not.

So first off, have a good diet. When I say good diet, I mean healthy diet with all the nutrients that your body need. Eat more protein, because protein counts as lowest calories having nutrient and also when you eat protein you feel much, much, much full then eating carbohydrates or fats. Don’t thing to eat only protein, because that will be bad for your health, also eat carbohydrates, but healthy ones. You can find this healthy carbs in rices, buckwheat, pasta, brown potatoes. Keep in mind that carbohydrates are also in chocolate and sugar and those are bad for your diet plan to lose weight. Try to avoid chocolate, candies and sugar also salt, because those are carbohydrates that turns into fat cells in your body. If you are tea drinker, try to use honey instead of sugar. If you don’t have honey or maybe you don’t like it you can drink tea with sugar, but make sure you don’t use more then 10 tea spoons per day. 10 is maximum if you are serious about loosing weight. Well we have one more nutrition discuss - fats? Thinking of not eating fats at all to maximize weight loss? Wrong! Fats is important for our hormone imbalance, if you will eat little or no fat, you will have serious health problems. Your hormones are responsible for waking you up, having motivation to do something, thinking, talking, walking, everything! So never ever cut totally fats from your diet, EVER! Now if you can’t cut fats, what should you do? Answer is really simple, eat healthy fats and count how much you eat them, to have great hormone balance and still burn those unwanted body fats. Take 50g fats per day, you can get them from nuts, vegetables, but best source are peanut butter, because you can easily count how much you consume fats. This is a great way to lose 15 pounds in a month, if you want to see faster results, check this website:

Second thing is exercise. Well those fats in our body comes from calories, that our body didn’t find need to use and stored them for later. So we have to find way how to burn those and the best way is what? Exercise! Yeah! Cardio are one of the best fat burning exercises, because you are doing things non stop, so your blood pressure and hard rate goes up, when it goes up, the burning process speeds up. Now here’s the interesting thing, if we do intensive cardio for 2 hours for example we run for 2 hours, you thing when we will stop your body will stop burning those calories? Nop, they will burn even when we will stop, because our body had to move, to workout hard he needs to restore hes power and guess from where he will be restoring? From our fat cells. So after cardio we still feel tired and exhausted and our body is eating hes own cells to get energy level back to normal. Also you should eat something healthy for example chicken with rice after intense cardio, because you want to help your body repair hes energy level and don’t worry healthy food our body will consume almost immediately and he won’t have calories left to store in the body.

Now here’s the third thing. Get some sleep. I mean get some really deep sleep. Sleep is most important in our life. We sleep almost 33% of our life, usually 8 hours a day. Make sure to get sleep at least 8hours even better if you can sleep 9hours. Why? Because it restores your body energy, you will have more energy to workout harder and harder, pushing your limits every time. You’re body will digest easier food, you will feel better and there is a huge chance that you won’t cache flue or something, that will stop you from getting your results.

Oh and one more thing. Talking about flue’s, don’t forget to use vitamins and minerals, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, to have good balance in vitamin/minerals, because those burn out fats and working out hard will increase chance of caching flue, because vitamins and minerals can be removed through our sweat and also they burn out as calories. So yeah - eat healthy, workout, get deep sleep, use vitamins and minerals and one last thing, don’t forget to drink a lot of liquid (water, natural fruit or vegetable juice. Don’t drink soda!)