Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Carbohydrates And Fats In Your Diet

When you want to lose weight fast its not all about cutting fats or carbohydrates and thinking that it will help you lose weight fast. To lose weight fast and safely you need to know few things first.

Well yes you can lose unwanted weight pretty fast if you will cut fats and carbs from your diet, but your weight numbers will go down just for few weeks and when you will start to eat normally your weight will go up 2x more then it was.

You maybe thinking why I should go back to normal diet? First of all you cant just cut your carbs and fats from diet and be OK. Did you knew that carbs are the fuel to our body? We need that fuel to live and survive. Did you knew that fats are responsible for our hormones? If you totally cut fats you will start to feel weak, depressed, unhappy, your body will start eating hes own muscles to lack of hormones. Hormones lack in your body can bring also lots of diseases for example cancer.

Never ever cut totally fats and carbohydrates from your diet, because your diet road can end at hospital. If you want to lose weight first you need to weight yourself and lower your fat and carbohydrate daily intake properly to your weight. And eat only healthy fats & carbs, not from chocolate or candies. Get your fats from peanut butter and carbs from rice.

If you don't know how much you need fats, then you can start taking around 50g/daily and only healthy fats or if you know your weight and you are serious then take 0.75g/1gk of your body weight. Example: you weight 75kg (76*0.75) and you get 57grams/day to consume fats. When it comes to carbohydrates, start by taking 250grams of carbs in one day or if you are serious girl/guy who wants best weight loss you should start taking 3grams of 1kg your body weight. Example: your weight 76kg (76*3) you should take 228g/day. Then for 5 weeks lower your carbohydrate intake by 20grams until you will feel low in energy, when you will feel low in energy add back 20grams of carbs to your diet and stay there. For example if you started to take 228grams of carbs/day, first week you will have 228g/day, second week 208g/day, third week 188g/day and so on. If you will start feeling low in energy at 3 week add back 20g of carbohydrates to you diet and stay at 208g/day till you will start losing your weight.

When your body weight will drop, then you can try lowering your carbs again by the same rules. Keep in mind there is people who cuts totally water, fats, carbs from diet but they cut for one week or few days, because of competition, because of some show or because he is actor and need to lose fast weight to get hes spot at movie or something. If you want to lose weight for long run, then don’t ever cut totally carbs, fats, water, protein ever! It will only hurt you.